Bathroom Renovations in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Bathroom renovations have found new trends and dimensions due to the tremendous work by construction companies like JAK'S Projects in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. Once bathrooms were ignored by homemakers and designers alike. Today’s busy word now recognises the value a good bathroom can have on one’s life and mental health. The bathroom does not only remove the dirt, sweat and grime of the day but the cleansing often gives you a moment to soothe your mind. It has been proven that a good bath busts stress, giving each day a sure fresh start.

Citizens of the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney prefer JAK'S Projects for the bathroom renovations for a number of reasons:

  • Skilled Hands

All our bathroom renovations are impossible without skilled staff. No matter how many top-notch quality tools and equipment you use, it will all be in vain if not installed with proper precision. We have a dedicated and skilled team that has brought us glory through the accomplished bathroom renovation services in Sydney.

  • Professional Approach

Our calm, trustworthy and loyal staff are always welcoming. They find an end to end solution for all your bathroom-related issues. We maintain good communication with our customers for the best results. At the same time, we undertake every project with ultimate professionalism through each step of the process.

  • Latest Design And Trends

We are experts in all kinds of contemporary and conventional designs in bathroom renovations. JAK'S Projects always keep an eye on the latest trends and innovations in the world market and infuses it in our bathroom renovation projects in the Eastern Suburbs. 

  • Easy On Your Pocket

Only after understanding the requirements of the customers, do we plan the design and budget of the bathroom renovation. We put in special attention in our planning to give our customers the best in terms of quality and affordability. Our charges are competitive, so that you can have full confidence in making your dream of a luxury bathroom come true.

  • World-class Tiles Collection

 Tiles are the inseparable parts of any bathroom. A tile helps in waterproofing and adds a stunning glimpse into your bathroom. Our wide collection includes:

  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Subway Tiles
  • Herringbone Tiles
  • Features Tiles
  • Encaustic Tiles
  • Natural Stone Tiles
  • Guaranteed Highest-quality Material

Our company offers warranties and guarantees on the products we use as we buy it from the licensed traders for the best quality material.

When you are planning your bathroom’s beautification, you should be aware of the services offered. JAK'S Projects offers a wide range of bathroom services including bathroom restructure, refurbishment, and renovation. 

  •  Renovation V/S Restructure

Restructuring involves changing the entire look of the bathroom from the ground up, often meaning that you are changing the positioning of the bathtub, shower, sink, etc. It also requires a wide range of expertise for construction, plumbing, painting, and tiling. However, the expenditure required is greater than renovation.

Bathroom renovations deal with the changes in the wall tile, painting, adding cabinets, installing new pipes, taps, and other accessories. The expenditure is comparatively less than a bathroom restructure.


 Our Core Services:

  • Equipping the bathroom with modern and fashionable furniture and fixture
  • The annexation of elements of retrofitting
  • Enhancing the beauty of the bathroom with tiles, paint, decorative cabinets, and mirrors
  • Aureate lighting systems
  • Installing utility accessories including hangers, mirrors, and taps, etc.
  • Repairing water and drainage pipes
  • Restoration of the areas which are distorted
  • Waterproofing for enhancing the life of walls and floors
  • Making a style statement by installing tiles from our extensive range of tiles that are strong and add beauty to the bathroom

We undertake all kinds of projects big or small - size does not matter. We will help you make every bathroom feel just like new. All our bathroom renovations projects are unique as we consider the special interests and tastes of the customer. 

We at JAK'S Projects know that you enjoy your house the most when you make the changes to make it properly feel like home. In no other room than the bathroom can you feel this more. Make your bathroom special and take the first steps to renovate today. Our bathroom renovations services in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney can well assist you in creating a relaxing and elegant bathroom. 

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