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Pergolas are popular, versatile, and quickly becoming a staple for deck coverings in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs. At JAK'S Projects, we have been creating pergolas for 15 years. The remarkable pergolas that we create often become the new focal point of your deck or garden.


We don’t consider ourselves a big company that simply churns through projects. We are a local builder for pergolas in the Eastern Suburb of Sydney, that works harder, taking care of every minute detail of the improvement projects you sign on with us. 


And we don’t only work on pergolas- we create decking too! Whether you want a new patio, deck, or pergola, we are here to give you the industry’s best. We have successfully completed many projects in Sydney and our clients are very happy with our extremely trusted pergola installation services in the Eastern Suburb of Sydney. 


Why Choose JAK'S Projects?

  • We handpick our contractors for safe services.
  • We only pick builders who have years of experience in the industry.
  • We take care of each intricate detail of the project. 
  • We make sure to complete the project at stipulated time.
  • Whether big or small, we give equal importance to every project of ours.
  • You are just one call away from our expert customer care executives. 

Top Reasons To Install Pergolas At Your Home’s Backyard


Enhance Outdoor Living Experience – 


The suburban Aussie lifestyle means making the most use out of your outdoor living space. Owning a pergola on your deck or patio provides an interesting space to entertain guests, or to kick back when the barbie is on.  


Protection From The Sun – 


Some days the sun can be scorching in the Eastern Suburb of Sydney. Pergolas offer the perfect shelter to protect yourself from harsh heat and UV while chilling on your deck.


A Visually Appealing Backyard – 


Pergolas are simple structures, yet they give an aesthetically pleasing feel to your backyard and can potentially increase the value and beauty of your home.


Privacy – 


If you love your privacy, pergolas with screens or drapes create an outdoor area of privacy from your neighbours for you to enjoy.


Our Expertise 


Here at JAK'S Projects, our ultimate goal is to turn your house into a home. Whether we’re looking after renovations or building patios and pergolas in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, we offer all our customers a comprehensive service at a viable cost.


Here Are Some Of Our Highly Demanded Services-


Building Pergolas – 


We offer the service of installing pergolas in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in a variety of materials. Therefore, whether you love the look of metal or wood, we've got the options for you. 


Building And Renovations


JAK'S Projects can renovate your existing deck or build a completely new one for you. Our contractors use top of the line materials to build your deck and give your backyard class, without making it ostentatious.


Entertainment Spaces In Your Backyard


As Aussies, we’re famous for constantly being outdoors and enjoying time with our mates. Keeping Aussie values intact, we’ve been building the perfect space for gatherings and mateship in your backyard. 


Planning To Install Pergolas At Your Home? 


No more leafing through directories or comparing confusing quotes with hidden costs. Let us hook you up with one of our trusted contractors and they’ll take care of everything for you.


Contact us and connect with our extremely talented, expert team of pergola installers and book a free consultation today.


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