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Building Sustainable Dream Homes


Building a home from scratch is one of the most complicated and daunting tasks a person can take on. It demands an eye for detail, as well as strong dedication, to complete the project with utmost accuracy on time. Well, JAK'S Projects fill all these requirements discreetly. We are the finest and leading builder company in Eastern Suburbs, Sydney. We offer an array of building services to our esteemed clients and patrons. Our construction services include building new homes, home renovations, home refurbishments, home extensions, and much more.


JAK'S Projects offers you modern building services that shape your dreams into reality. Our professional team leverages our expertise to provide quality services to our clients. We have always maintained our level of professionalism through the past 15 years while constantly striving to deliver for our customers.


Expert Home Builders In Eastern Suburbs Of Sydney


JAK'S Projects have an experience of over one decade in the Australian Markets. Over the years, we have helped several Aussies build their house and elevate their lifestyle. We have since become the leading duplex builders in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We use the right combination of technical superiority and rich practical experience in the field in all our projects. We are passionate about designing and building new contemporary homes that boast sustainable features that keeps maintenance to a low cost. 


Our Home Building Services Include:

  1. Building Single Occupancy Homes

Looking out for a professional for building your dream home? Well, JAK'S Projects is your ideal partner. We build new homes that guarantee excellence and superior construction. Our team of architects and engineers exert themselves to understand the requisites and expectations of our clients. They make sure to come up with a construction plan that speaks excellence and assures client satisfaction.

  1. Double Occupancy Or Duplex Homes:

A duplex home requires extra care and attention. It demands detailed planning and attention to detail through construction. Duplex homes can easily afford more luxury to your life, at a cheaper cost. As an investment, it can also be quite lucrative. JAK'S Projects understands this and provides expert duplex building services. We are the leading duplex builders in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. We offer sophisticated and modern Duplex designs that are sure to mesmerise you with their beauty and glamour.

  1. Renovations/Extensions: 

Home renovations and extensions are a great way to add more value to your house. A renovation or extension can add more luxury or a relaxed feeling in your home. It also gives you more room for another bedroom, a study or extra storage. JAK'S Projects offers cohesive renovation and extension services in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs and allied areas. So, whether you are planning to demolish the existing house, refurbish a room, renovate a kitchen, or give a complete makeover to house; JAK'S Projects is always ready and available at your service.


Reliable Home Builders In The Eastern Suburb, Sydney


JAK'S Projects has earned a good reputation in the building and construction sphere with our hard work and dedication. Our constant endeavour to provide specialised home building and renovation services makes us one of the most reliable and expert builders in the Eastern Suburb of Sydney. 


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