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You don't have to build a new home to change the way your home lives. Sometimes the smallest upgrades can completely transform the look and feel of your home. Whether you want to modernise your bathroom or kitchen, open up your living spaces or give your home a complete overhaul - JAK's Projects will  be there to help. Specialising in projects in all sizes, we have the team and expertise to make your renovation a success. 


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Full House Renovation

Jack and his team of sub-contractors are fully qualified and giving your home a complete renovation. Whether you want to knock down and start again or work with the frame you already have, JAK's Projects will ensure the build is done in a timely and cost efficient manner.



Is your family outgrowing your house but you don't want to move? JAK's projects can help with all your extension needs. Whether you want to build another or extend the house you already have, Jack and his team will see your vision come to life.


Many Sydney homes will, over time, begin to feel the effects of the unique terrain on which they were built. This can cause ground instability which leads to sunken floors and cracked walls. To combat this, JAK'S Projects use a process called underpinning which strengthens the foundations of the home. 


Kitchen Refurbishment

 JAK'S Projects will ensure everything from the flooring, to countertops and the cupboards is the best quality and suitable for all your needs. Whether it be for weeknight dinners to entertaining on the weekends, your kitchen will become your favourite room in your house.


Bathroom Upgrades

JAK's Projects sub-contracts the best plumbers in the eastern suburbs who will be on hand to give your bathroom a much needed update.


JAK'S Projects will assist you in anything from minor improvements to extensive structural repairs. 

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