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Are you planning to renovate your home but are not able to find the right builder? You don't have to worry anymore, JAK'S Projects is the best builders in Bondi deals with home extensions, renovation and in building new properties. 

We have over 25 years of experience in this industry. Our company is the perfect choice when it comes to renovating a home that will be admired by everyone. We offer quality work every time, by working towards fulfilling the dreams of people in Bondi to build their gorgeous homes.


Whether it’s the Californian style homes or Victorian style bungalows, we are inclined towards creating some worthy classical homes that everyone seems to love. We have been creating absolute masterpieces and satisfying our clients at every step. If you are not certain about which builder to choose in Bondi, it is time you consult JAK'S Projects for the perfect home solution. We work confidently in all our building projects. Over the past few years, we have built a reputation with our home designs and solid work ethic. 


Why Choose JAK'S Projects?


Hiring the right builder will make your home look twice as beautiful than what it was! Here are a few reasons why many choose to hire us: 

  • We have different sets of plans and strategies for building homes for every type of family.
  • Our designs are approved by the local council. 
  • Our company works according to the budgets of our clients and we offer them what they are expecting from us. 
  • We pay full attention to the work at every stage, starting from the design phase. In this stage we ensure the elements and designs are approved by you to ensure it works within your budget and tastes.
  • JAK'S Projects always carry a fixed cost analysis that we offer to all our contractors and suppliers in documentation. We have the best rates in the markets in our detailed estimates and accurate fixed costs.
  • Our team treats your home like it’s our own; we aim towards creating your dream home for you and your family.  
  • We have a skilled team of architects and professionals who go about doing their work appropriately.

Services Provided by Us

  • Renovations Of Period Style Homes

We have wide experience in renovating all types of period homes. We are the leading builders in Bondi and always try to maintain the authenticity of homes by bringing out its original features, and therefore adding great value and functionality to the property.

  • Conventional Homes

We renovate garage studios. If you love 70s red bricks, we can help you in renovating your garage using that as well! We also have experience in constructing granny flats!

  • JAK'S Projects Plans

JAK'S Projects has undertaken so many large projects that have been designed by our architects and craftsperson. After properly defining your own ideas, give us a call as we will consult with the Council regarding the designs and then set off in making those changes in your home. 


It will always a good idea to hire an experienced and professional builder in Bondi. JAK'S Projects can manage everything for you from beginning to the end. 


We source all the materials from local suppliers and all our clients work directly through us. Visit our website and choose your designs. The rest will be handled by our specialist team. If you have any questions, we have our online portal and inquiry form where you can write your query down and we will get in touch with you ASAP! 

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