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JAK'S Projects is a leading and reliable building and construction company in Randwick, Australia. As a member of the Master Builders Association of NSW, we leave no stone unturned to fulfil your desire of extending or renovating your valuable house. Our main motto is to provide the best of quality work for home extensions in Randwick. We understand how greatly a new storey, room or remodel can change the experience of a home, creating new facilities for storage, enjoyment or the necessary functions of a home. We are a leading construction company with over 15 years of industry experience.


Why Would I Need A Home Extension?


As families increase over time, people need more space and privacy to live and grow happily, as well as maintain their sanity. Extending your current family home can prove the perfect solution, as opposed to moving to another or detaching yourself from the family. This is especially true in Sydney’s residential market. Through a Home Extension you can get more space for recreational use or can add another floor to enhance the extra height and use of your building. 


Major Benefits Of Working With JAK'S Projects:

  • JAK'S Projects is a reputed and renowned building company and provides services in your town with loyalty and dignity. We are the specialists of constructing new homes, renovating and renewing old buildings, and extending homes as per our clients’ requirements.
  • From engineer to craftsman, our home extension professionals are well-experienced, well-skilled and highly rated for their work.
  • Keeping in mind budget capability, we understand your requirements. After reviewing the space and base of the building, we offer the best and affordable package for our clients with a full guarantee of the work.
  • From designing to extending the building, our experts work with efficiency to complete the work in a minimum amount of time. We are sure that our efforts will bring you happiness and comfort once you experience the astonishing look of your renewed home.

Home Extension Ideas:


For a comfortable and modern lifestyle, you might consider extending your house through with some essential additions, like so-

  • Floor Addition: 

Creating an additional storey in your house is a brilliant way to create an extra living room, bathroom or bedroom.

  • Garage: 

A car is a must for today’s modern lifestyle, so it makes sense that you would want to protect it. A garage provides the perfect solution for providing security to your car, as well as safeguarding yourself from experiencing any intrusion when you take off or return home.

  • Storage: 

A storage room is essential in any house to store your precious and sentimental items like books, musical equipment, sports kits, photo albums and so on.

  • Porch:

Porches make a very lovely place to host friends for brunch during cool and sunny weather. Sometimes this extended part of the home is also used for hanging clothes or storing shoes.

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